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[MH] - Seiko the old man by Pichoochoo [MH] - Seiko the old man by Pichoochoo
art style isss changgginnngnngnggngngn
This app is for :iconmiyagawa-high:


♛ฺ B a s i c - I n f o ♛ฺ

N a m e : Oshiro, Seiko (大城星子)
A g e : 17 years old
D a t e - O f - B i r t h: 24th of November
Y e a r : 2nd Year
H e i g h t : 5'6" 
G e n d e r : Female
B o a r d i n g - S c h o o l / O w n - H o m e : Own home

♛ฺ P e r s o n a l i t y ♛ฺ

Often disinterested | Oblivious| Blunt | Not tsun just quiet | Sadist | Masculine

Often disinterested: Well, in others. If someone calls her a jerk or if they call her mean, she'll probably just apologize half-heartedly to get you to go away. If she is actually interested in you (which is rare), then she'd actually care. A bit. Seiko is usually disinterested in other people and keeps to herself.

Oblivious: When talking to her, you have to get straight to the point, otherwise she won't understand what you're saying. Seiko does understand that people are shy, but she seriously can't get what people are saying from subtle hints. That's just how she is. An old man. //kiCKED//

Blunt: Hey you have a booger on your cheek. Oh wait, sorry that's a mole. Seiko voices her opinion, but does know when not to cross the line, but when she does point out something that makes you self-conscious, she probably won't know or care.

Quiet: She's far from tsundere or kuudere, she's actually just mean and quiet. Unlike some other people, she wasn't in denial from the day she was born.

Sadist: Quite self-explanatory, Seiko likes to see pain inflicted on others, and likes inflicting it on others herself. Not anything too gore-y or off-putting, she just likes to see people struggle fruitlessly.

Masculine: Not a tomboy, just masculine. If there was something tha she was interested in OTHER than astronomy, it would be something that would require manly. In all honesty, she has the interests of a middle-aged man. RonSwanson She does have SOME girly hobbies and interests, but that's outweighed by her other hobbies. 

♛ฺ L i k e s / D i s l i k e s ♛ฺ

[+] Stars
[+] Nighttime
[+] Astronomy
[+] Soccer
[+] Countryside
[+] Black coffee (becausesugar'sforgirls)
[+] Steak (meatingeneralthough)
[+] Potatoes
[+] Meatballs
[+] Dragon-fruit
[+] Violins
[+] Dogs
[+] Cats
[+] Sleeping
[+] Gardening
[+] Farms
[+] Potato chips
[-] Sweet things (they'reallrightbutsheprefersnoteatingthem) (icecreamisanexception)
[-] Most flowers
[-] Cities (big, crowded places in general)
[-] Rabbits
[-] Birds
[-] Staying up
[-] Onions
[-] Shy people (Seiko: I'LLMAKEAMANOUTOFYOU)
[-] Going to the bathroom at night  
[-] People tugging on her scarf
[-] Shopping
[-] Medicine
[-] Her bad eyesight
[-] Being called an old man

♛ฺ H i s t o r y ♛ฺ

Seiko didn't live an extraordinary life like others around her, but she was never jealous of them. She was happy with what she had (even if it didn't show), a happy family with a roof over her head and a stable income. Her mother was a nice woman, but often wanted Seiko to become a bit more girly, not turn out like an old man like Seiko's grandpa or a sport fanatic like her dad. Her mother would dress her up, and always checks on what she wears before she leaves the house. But this still didn't change her personality, with Seiko picking up the habits and the interests of an old man, much to her mother's dismay. As long as she dressed like a girl, her mother was fine.

Throughout her middle school life, the students around her would often boast, brag or mention their overseas trips but that didn't bother her in the very least. Because there was one thing that those big, bright cities didn't have. The stars. Seiko liked where she lived, because there weren't many lights or cars that drove through the streets in the dead of the night, thus she was able to see the billions of stars that shone at night.

When there was no rain or snow, she'd sit up on her roof with an astronomy book, watching the stars, identifying the different constellations. It would sound boring to most, but Seiko didn't care in the least. Everyday, when those around her would talk about their recent or planned travels, Seiko blocked out the voices, her nose stuck in a different astronomy book every week.

She graduated, not regretting ignoring her classmates and left, not a single tear in her eye. It wasn't like they were going to die, some of them even in the same school, so there was no use crying over milk that wasn't even spilled. Seiko enrolled into Miyagawa High, hoping that the people there wouldn't force her to change. 

♛ฺ R e l a t i o n s h i p s ♛ฺ


♛ฺ T r i v i a ♛ฺ

- Has glasses but refuses to wear them despite her bad eyesight. (#contacts4lyf)
- Always has a coin to flip - it's become a habit
- Has a great memory
- Sensitive to the cold 
- Her mom dresses her up, and she can't exactly complain
- Despite disliking cities, she's curious about traveling.
- Voice Actor: 
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